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Kildimo Community Notes WED March 4th 2009


If you desire to get nearer to the ‘gospel truth’, then join the Wednesday evening’s Gospel study group at the Meeting Room in the Presbytery, Kildimo. The meetings begin at 8.00pm and will continue for the season of Lent. The emphasis of the present pastor is to do something positive for Lent, rather than doing something negative like denying yourself a favourite indulgence. By this way you can ‘eliminate the negative’ like ‘Coronation Street’ and still ‘accentuate the positive’. All welcome!


If the Gospel study above is not for you, then perhaps Philosophical Counselling is the way. Much of modern philosophy may not seem to lead anywhere but from the early Greek philosophers to our day, there are considerable areas of philosophical endeavour that have a direct bearing on the quality of our lives. For example, how we live in society and interact with others is related to the ethical strand of philosophy. You may think that bankers in particular would benefit from this study. How we think and argue is another particular branch of philosophy (logic), which has a direct bearing on our lives, and the resolution of our conflicts. These instances any many more are catered for by Philosophical Counselling and more information on this therapeutic type of philosophy may be found by contacting


‘De Bucket’Pub, Ferrybridge is the venue for the Chernobyl Table Quiz which has been deferred to Friday night March 13. Commencing at 8.30pm,tables of four cost €20,spot prizes go leor, and Edel O’Mahony of Old Kildimo would really appreciate your support for the Goradische Orphanage in which she has a special interest and towards which all funds collected she will personally deliver.


‘Touch wood’ refers to the positive energy that the ancients extracted from contact with our trees. As this week is ‘National Tree Week’ and the theme of the week is ‘Trees our Culture’, you could do worse than getting in contact with these growing things, which only God can make. But you can assist the Great Maker by nurturing and planting one of his creations. Failing that you can experience the wonder of trees in places like Curraghchase, where in recent times ancient yews have been discovered and where there are exotic species brought for our pleasure by the De Vere family. Trees have left their mark on our culture in family names like ‘Woods’ or ‘Cullinane’- called after the Holly. A placename in Mellon townland refers to the Arbutus or Strawberry tree, namely Árd Caithne, best known by the church of Ardcanny. The ‘arbutus unedo’ draws attention to the strawberry-like fruit it forms which is bitter to taste and hence ‘unedo’ meaning ‘one (only) I eat’. The climate in Killarney is especially suitable to growing this species which is native to the Mediterranean region, and its pink wood has been a feature of Killarney ware. About this latter you best ask George Stackpoole who is an expert in such work.


The following, whose anniversaries occur around this time, are remembered and Masses are being arranged: Polly Lynch(Wed March 4th 10.00),Dick Liston(Thurs March 5th 10.00),Kay O’Rourke(Sat March 7th 7pm)and Thomas and Catherine Walsh 9Sun March 8th 12.00)
Solas na ngrást dóibh uilig.


You may have noticed the medical device in the western carpark of the church and hopefully you’ll not need it! However, there is comfort in the fact that this AED (Automatic External Defibrillator), may be the difference between life and death for someone who experiences the threatening effects of heart attack/cardiac arrest. There are now forty persons trained in the use of the device and a list of these is available in Slattery’s and the Post Office. Speedy access to such persons is vital if anyone suffers such an attack.


Numbers 7, 20, 23 & 24 were drawn for a Jackpot of €3,500 on February 24. Because this combination was not predicted, ‘Lucky Dips’ of €50, €30 and €20 were drawn by Eric Nolan, Margaret O’Rourke, P.O. and Síle Kelly.


The Club Development LOTTO Draw took place on Monday February 23rd at The Dromore Inn. The numbers drawn were 17, 22,24, 27. The €4,400 jackpot was not won and we had lucky dip winners of €50 each went to Tess Gloster, C/O Bernard Gloster. Kevin Ahern, Old Kildimo. Paula Hanley, Glenameade. Pat O’Farrell Old Kildimo. Next weeks draw (week 19) will be held on Monday 2nd March at Slattery’s Bar at 8.30pm with a jackpot of €4,600. Lotto tickets can be had from any club member or Slattery’s Bar, O’Rourke Post Office, The Seven Sisters, The Beer Garden, Kildimo Food Court and De Bucket for €2.
City Board

Bantracht Na Tuaithe Cill Díoma

The next meeting of Kildimo ICA takes place this Wed March 4th at 8pm in ‘Seven Sisters’pub,old Kildimo ,followed by a mini auction in aid of ICA Rescue Fund.


A Fashion Show in aid of school development is being held at the Woodland’s House Hotel, Adare, on March 11, at 8.00pm. Get your tickets from the School Office or by contacting 393195.

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